Atlas Pharmaceutical provides the industry proven capabilities in marketing, sales, regulatory and distribution to have a strong and sustainable market entry and development for ophthalmic companies and their brands in the region.

About us

Atlas pharmaceutical is an independent division of the well established Atlas Medical group, an organization renowned for medical equipment marketing and distribution in ophthalmology area in UAE. Atlas medical which started 4 decades back in UAE has grown since then to become a group company with operations in the region in diverse sectors. Atlas is a family business and the core of our business philosophy is togetherness. We maintain the trust and transparency in dealings to all our partners, customers, and other stake holders to foster the value of togetherness for growth.

Atlas pharmaceutical is a young, fast growing and aiming for a strong presence in the healthcare landscape of the region. Our approach involves identifying, marketing and distributing novel, innovative and quality ophthalmic healthcare products that can improve the vision and wellbeing of the people. We are proud to be part of an industry that can make a significant difference to the lives of the people and believe in the growth which includes our employees, partners, customers and all other stake holders.

To be a leading organization marketing and distributing a comprehensive range of innovative and quality ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, otc’s and medical devices to improve the vision and wellbeing of the people in the region.

We identify and build a diversified portfolio of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, otc’s and medical devices to better the vision of the consumers in the region


ACCOUNTABILITY ¦   We do what we commit to achieve success
TOGETHERNESS ¦   We are together in our mission to create better and healthy lives
LEADERSHIP ¦   We choose to lead by empowering people to take decisions by themselves
ACHIEVEMENT ¦   We achieve by creating value and being together
SIMPLICITY ¦   We are simple in our approach always and easy to deal



Healthcare regulations in the GCC are continuously evolving with new standards being set by the authorities in each country making the process of registration a complex one. Our team with regional regulatory expertise and thorough know-how simplify the process to facilitate the market access and launch of the products.


Healthcare marketing is undergoing a dynamic change in the region and with each country having its own environment poses a great challenge to the company. We have a dedicated and experienced marketing team with regional expertise, offering an excellent service of product launch to life cycle management to establish partner brands and company in the region.


The ever changing dynamics of pharmaceutical market in the region is demanding a sales force that are professionally qualified, knowledgeable and having excellent relationship with doctors ,pharmacist and all other stake holders in the industry. We have a team of dedicated pharma professionals with regional experience and expertise to deliver the commercial result for our partner brands and company in the region.


The smaller and faster supply demand of the partners always poses great challenge for any organization to have a foot hold in the region in a cost effective way. Atlas with its regional hub in dafza and with moh approved store in Dubai provides it partners the complete logistics and distributions solution in a faster and cost effective way.


Business Development

Atlas values long-term, mutually rewarding partnerships with companies having potential, novel and innovative ophthalmic products to make it available in the region. Atlas provides industry proven capabilities in marketing, sales, regulatory and distribution to launch and establish brands in the region. Our lean organizational structure provides a better focus to create value for our partners and customers.

Why Atlas



Life at atlas is deeply rooted to a family culture of togetherness and every employee who joins our organization is like a new member to the family. We nurture and grow them to face the challenges of the industry to enhance the growth of the organization and help them to earn a reputation for themselves. An open door policy with respect to the individual, freedom of work and rewards based on the performance forms the core of the employee management. We believe that every Atlasian should uphold the values of the organization in their conduct amongst themselves and to the outside world. Learning and development forms an integral part of the life in Atlas and every employee is motivated to learn the skills and enhance their capabilities to make themselves adept in their work sphere.

We are proud to be an organization that challenges the capabilities of an individual, respect their individuality, giving absolute freedom of work and reward their efforts in a fair and transparent manner.

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